A woman from new Jersey was accused in the fact that she stabbed her husband with clippers

A resident of new Jersey was charged with using pliers nail clippers to kill her husband.

The incident occurred early Saturday morning, January 11, in the complex of mobile homes in this village (NJ).

Kathleen Ayala and Axel Torres were arguing in his trailer, when the dispute escalated into a physical form.

The man left the trailer, but his wife was chasing him, repeatedly inflicting blows, authorities said.

According to prosecutors, the police noticed that Torres had several stab wounds on legs, arms and shoulders, presumably caused by nail clippers. Torres lost consciousness and was taken to hospital, but died there on Monday, January 13.

According to court documents, the woman told the police he only wanted to scare her husband, not to hurt him. The police said that she hit him with a metal nail file on the clippers.

Original Ayala was charged with assault, but on Tuesday (January 14) prosecutors announced that after the death of Torres, she was charged with murder.

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