Snow storm in Seattle caused the accident involving 30 cars

Difficult weather conditions in the North-West Tikkoatokak coast on Monday provoked the ice on the roads, which caused a series of accidents involving dozens of cars in rush hour.

According to the national meteorological service, the cyclone will deteriorate weather conditions across the region.

«In the North-West Pacific coast, it is expected heavy snowfall, which will last for several days and possibly until the end of the week.» according to meteorologist Adam Klotz.

On Thursday, forecasters are predicting significant rainfall in Washington, Oregon, Northern Great Basin and Central and Northern parts of the Rocky mountains. Seats are expected snow drifts up to several feet. Heavy snowfall combined with cold can worsen traffic conditions in the Seattle area and Portland.

The danger on the roads during the storm have already experienced drivers Seattle. On Monday, around 18:00 on the bridge in the Seattle area there was a major accident involving over 30 vehicles. The bridge was closed for 4 hours while the situation is not stabilized and the transport service filled the road salt. According to the military Rick Johnson from patrol Washington state on the road was constantly covered with ice.

«Fortunately, there were no serious injuries! Tonight drive careful, as the temperature dropped below zero,» wrote Johnson on Twitter.

Here is another picture from the scene courtesy of LT Longoria. Approximately 30 cars involved in numerous separate collisions. Thankfully no major injuries! Drive safe tonight as the temps are below freezing.

— Trooper Rick Johnson (@wspd2pio) January 14, 2020

The first serious snowfall was accompanied by strong gusts of wind, snow and frost. One of the Washington highway was closed due to heavy accumulation of snow on power lines and trees which could not withstand the weight and fell on the road.

And this is why you need chains. Semi lost traction on Hwy 26 near Trillium Lake exit, drivers are now waiting for a tow. @fox12oregon #orwx #snow #mthood

— Camila Orti (@CamilaOrtiTV) January 13, 2020

Truck drivers should be equipped with tire chains for better traction, especially if the route runs through mountainous terrain.