The Delta plane dumped jet fuel over the Playground of the school: dozens of victims

On Tuesday, January 14, dozens of people were injured after the airliner dropped on the Playground of a cargo of jet fuel during an emergency landing at Los Angeles (California).

Flight Delta 89 in Shanghai tried to return to the international airport of Los Angeles shortly after takeoff, when released fuel «to reduce landing weight». This was stated by the representative of the airline Adrian g, not mentioning the victims.

As reported by the LA Times Nicholas Prang, a representative of the Department fire protection district of Los Angeles, two classes were on the Playground in elementary school Park Avenue in Kodai.

The video of the incident visible low-flying aircraft (he eventually landed safely) with large winding trace of fuel coming out of the wings.

Caught this in Bell Gardens over my house, the NEWS SAID IT DROPPED FUEL OVER AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN CUDAHY @KTLA @FOXLA @cnnbrk @UniNoticias @NBCLA @ABC7 @ABC @NBCNews @TelemundoNews

— Sujey Hernandez (@SujeyHernandez) January 14, 2020

More than 70 firefighters and paramedics went to the scene and assisted dozens of patients who complained of skin irritation and breathing problems. Fortunately, nobody had to be hospitalized.

Two other schools in the area — Jordan HS in Florence-Firestone and 93rd Street Elementary School in Green Meadows — also suffered from fuel dumping.

Officials Kudai — furious and demanding an explanation why the fuel was dumped over the school.

«I’m very upset. This elementary school is the little children,» — said the mayor Chudai, Elizabeth Alcantara.

In turn, city Council member Jack Guerrero demanded a Federal investigation of the incident.

The Federal aviation administration (FAA) announced that it was investigating the incident:

«There is a special procedure for discharge of fuel for aircraft flying to any major airport in the USA and out of it. These procedures require that the fuel be dumped in certain uninhabited areas, usually at high altitudes, so fuel is sprayed and dissipated before reaching land.»