The father accused of killing daughter, says that fulfilled prophecy God

Father from New Orleans who killed his young daughter, claims that God put him up to it.

The doctors of the psychiatric hospital said that a cocktail of powerful psychiatric drugs is almost not helped 48-year-old Mark Hambrice.

According to Dr. Sanket Vyasa, Hambrick can not soberly to consider the recommendations of his legal team, which included a guilty plea by reason of insanity, what can save him from execution. He Hambric believes that he should be executed for murder, and he «will seek the death penalty,» says Vyas.

«According to the will of God to fulfill the prophecy, which refers to the death of his daughter, he should be found guilty and put to death, and his soul to merge with the Kingdom of God,» said Vyas.

Hambrick is accused of first-degree murder and abuse of the second degree with an 18-month Amines in October 2017. The suspect confessed to the crime shortly after it happened.

According to police, Hambrick was sitting on the porch after he admitted to the 911 operator that he strangled his little daughter, «to end her suffering,» because «God told him». The man also said he would wait for the police to come and arrest him. His wife, Monica Gerhardt, was not at home at the time of the murder.

The father accused of killing daughter, says that fulfilled prophecy GodMark Hambrick. Source: New Orlean PD

According to the doctor, Hambrick suffered from psychosis when he committed the murder, although his neighbors did not notice any obvious signs of mental illness.

If he is found mentally ill, he can stay at the clinic indefinitely, however, his charges will remain in force.