Schizophrenia husband will get the money for life insurance the couple he killed

A schizophrenic accused of killing his wife, and then recognized as not responsible because of mental health problems will receive the entire amount for life insurance wife.

42-year-old Richard Maidment fired the shotgun at his wife, Sarabeth Forbes, 18 April 2017, and eight months later he was found mentally ill.

The case ended on Thursday, January 16, the court of Canada held that it is the sole beneficiary of the insurance policy, which his dead wife had designed in 2015, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Judge Frank Edwards decided that the law prohibiting criminals to cash out their crimes, is not applicable to this case.

Man found not criminally responsible for killing wife gets her life insurance

— CBC Nova Scotia (@CBCNS) January 16, 2020

«It is a rule of public policy is not relevant to this case — the judge ruled. — Richard was found not criminally responsible. He’s not a criminal.»

10-year-old son Forbes, who now lives with the victim’s mother, was listed as the second beneficiary. His grandmother applied for the collection of money on behalf of the boy, but she was denied.

Instead, the court gave the inheritance of the mother of Maidment, since her son is still recovering from mental illness.

According to CBC, Forbes and her child moved from the family home in Gardiner mines for security reasons, the day before she was killed. It is argued that the degradation of men was the reason for their move.

Geplaatst door Tanya Hennick — McNeil op Zaterdag 22 april 2017

After the incident, the Maidment was sent to a psychiatric institution for evaluation. The doctors confirmed that because of the schizophrenia the killer didn’t understand what was happening. The symptoms of a paranoid, delusional state of Maidment was reported to include hallucinations.

Friends of Forbes said that the woman was the victim of Maidment for the second time.

The couple lived in a civil marriage for about 10 years.