«Everything was on fire»: a massive fire destroyed 35 ships in the dock of Alabama, has died

In the night of Monday, January 27, people were jumping into the water to escape the firethat engulfed at least 35 boats moored on the Tennessee river in Alabama.

According to the authorities, have died, but it is unknown exactly how many of them. Seven people were taken to hospitals, seven were reported missing.

The fire occurred shortly after midnight when people living in boats, were asleep. Fire engulfed the wooden dock and the roof, which collapsed, cutting off the escape route.

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«A lot of people just jumped into the water, said the Associated Press Deputy Sheriff of Jackson County rocky Harnen. We’re waiting for divers to search for possible victims in the water.»

«We woke up hearing the screams and crash, said Mandy Durham, whose boat is moored elsewhere. Within 15-20 minutes, the whole dock was on fire. All of these boats have propane cylinders and fuel tanks… the Water was the only way out. It’s just awful.»

According to the Deputy Sheriff, they have confirmed deaths, but there is no precise number.

«We have seven missing, but that doesn’t mean they are in the water, it does not mean that they are dead. We are trying to find them. Difficult to reach victims. Aluminum roof and wooden structure collapsed,» said Harnen.

According to Mandy Durham, some people here are constantly living on boats, and some was carried out on them this weekend.

«We here all each other know. There was a family… This is devastating», she added.