The terrorist attack in London: Police shot and killed a man in a «suicide vest», armed with a machete

On Streethem high road in London (UK) on Sunday around 14:00 local time the police man was shot dead in a «suicide vest» and armed with machetes. A suspect in the terrorism inflicted stab wounds several passers-by.

It is believed that the incident happened on a busy street of South London, was linked to terrorism. Police say three people were injured, but the situation is «fully under control».

Suspect in Streatham terror attack is named as Sudesh Amman via @MailOnline

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Witnesses said they saw a man with a «machete» and silver canisters strapped to the back, pursued by armed officers in plain clothes at the Streethem high road. During the pursuit, police shot and killed him.

The attacker was under active supervision and were well known to the counter-terrorism organisations in London. Against him was already under investigation.

Pictured: Streatham named as terrorist Isis supporter Sudesh Amman via @MetroUK

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According to preliminary data, one man and two women were injured.

Police have confirmed that 40 year old man was in life-threatening condition, but it was later revealed that the threat of death has passed.

Scotland Yard said that the second victim, a woman of 50 years, received minor injuries.

Third victim, female in her 20s, received minor injuries when police shot.

All three received first aid at the scene and was later taken to hospital.

Streatham attack latest: knifeman named as Sudesh Amman who previously had terror conviction — live updates via @telegraphnews

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While the investigation is in its early stages, it is believed that the suspect was motivated by the ideology of Islamist terrorists.

Man shot by police, was dressed in «fake suicide vest» made from objects similar to an improvised explosive device.

Similar to the vests worn by the attackers during the attack on London bridge in 2017 and the subsequent attack on London bridge in November 2019.

We can confirm that the man shot by police at around 2pm today in #Streatham High Road has been pronounced dead

— Metropolitan Police (@metpoliceuk) February 2, 2020

The authorities of London on Twitter said: «Stateme armed officers shot the man. At this stage it is believed that several people suffered stab wounds. Circumstances are evaluated; the incident was declared a terrorist».

Witnesses on social networks said that they had heard three shots. Images posted online show a man face down on the ground near the pharmacy Boots.

Passageiro filma de ônibus o terrorista Sudesh Amman, logo após ele ser abatido por policiais à paisana, Streatham em no sul de Londres! O terrorista esfaqueado já havia três pessoas e não fosse a for the cat policial, o número de vítimas seria maior.

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When the social networks were cadres of the armed police approaching lying on the sidewalk in the figure, the police cordoned off the street and advised people to avoid the area. Eyewitnesses say that the shooter of the officers was in plain clothes.

One witness said he saw the shooting in front of the drugstore Boots on Streethem high road: «I was crossing the road when he saw a man with a machete and a silver canister on the body, pursued, as I believe, an undercover COP — he was in civilian clothes.»

«The man was shot. I think I heard three shots, but can’t remember. After that, I ran to the library to hide. From the library I saw a lot of ambulances and armed police arriving at the scene».

The terrorist who stabbed multiple people today in #Streatham #London was named Sudesh Amman. Just wanted to let you know in case media will stay silent about it.

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The witness said people were hiding in nearby shops after the incident. «We were informed by the armed police that have to stay inside until then, until we are evacuated,» said an eyewitness.

LIVE: #Streatham #terror attacker Sudesh Amman had just been released from prison

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The mayor of London Sadiq Khan confirmed in a statement:

«Armed police in Stateme shot a man after the incident, which is seen as associated with terrorism. It is believed that several people were stabbed. I am in touch with the Commissioner and local representatives and want to thank the members of our police, security services and emergency services for their swift and courageous response. They really are the best. Terrorists seek to divide us and destroy our way of life. Here in London, we never allowed them to achieve this success.»

Prime Minister Boris Johnson reacted on Twitter to the incident:

«Thank you to all the emergency services responding to the incident in Streame that police announced terrorism-related. My thoughts are with the wounded and all victims».

Thank you to all emergency services responding to the incident in Streatham, which the police have now declared as terrorism-related. My thoughts are with the injured and all those affected.

— Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) February 2, 2020

The video, published by the witnesses, shows a police presence at Streethem high road. At the scene were also medics and ambulances, and above them the circling police helicopters.

#London police have confirmed #Streatham knife rampage suspect #SudeshAmman was followed by armed officers on foot before he stabbed two people 🧐😕

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Graham Norton, the strategic commander of the ambulance service of London, said:

«Today at 13: 58 we were called in connection with the incident on Streethem high road. We work closely with other emergency services and treat patients at the scene. We work with the emergency services and dispatched a number of resources, including five ambulance crews, highly experienced paramedic, officer incident response and motor response service. The first of our medics arrived four minutes later. We also sent the London air ambulance. We treated three patients at the scene and transported all three victims to the hospital.»

What is known about the identity of the terrorist?

The man shot by police after on Sunday was attacked with a machete at people in London, is a 20-year-old Sudesh Amman. Just a few days ago he was released from prison where he was serving a sentence for possession and distribution of extremist materials, after serving half of his sentence.

Earlier, police noted that he «admired the death in the name of terrorism.»

London terror attack suspect unmasked as ‘knife-obsessed’ ISIS fanatic Sudesh Amman #Streatham

— Daily Mirror (@DailyMirror) February 2, 2020

As The Guardian reports, Sudesh Amman, studied in North-West London College. He was arrested in December 2018. The suspect was discovered instructions on how to make home explosives. In his diary he outlined a goal to «die as Martyr».

During the trial of Sudesh Amman Prosecutor Kelly Brocklehurst said: «basically, his fascination with terrorism has focused on the use of the knife, but there were also ideas about using acid».

He was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months (40 months) in December of 2018, but he was in the detention facility from may 2018, i.e. within 20 months.

Martin Jones, Executive Director, Board of parole, said he believes that Sudesh Amman was released from prison automatically without evaluation by the Commission on parole his mental state and intentions.

A source in Whitehall said: «He was under surveillance, allowing the police so quickly to do their job. Things could be much worse. When he was in prison, the authorities had concerns about him but did not have authority to continue to hold him in jail.»

BBC News asked the interior Minister Priti Patel about the «fundamental changes» in the system to work with convicted terrorists, on which she is expected to announce tomorrow.

«I’m not going to comment on that. We will announce these arrangements tomorrow,» she said.