The leader of «al Qaeda» that threatened to attack the United States and Europe, killed in Yemen

In an attack by US drone in Yemen, was killed the leader of «al-Qaeda» Qassim al-Rimi. He became the third leader of the terrorists liquidated in recent months the us military in the middle East.

The air attack was made few weeks after January 3 in Baghdad was destroyed by the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. In October last year it was reported about the death of the boss of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who committed suicide during a RAID by American troops on the territory of the Northern part of Syria.

Qassim al-Rimi, 41, was killed during the air attacks in January, however, U.S. officials were awaiting the outcome of his identification, before making a public statement, reports the New York Times.

The killed terrorist was listed in the ranks of «al-Qaeda» before September 11 attacks. He led militant groups in the Arabian Peninsula, located in Yemen.

It was reported that ISIS planned to carry out attacks in the United States and Europe.

Despite advances in the technology of drones, Washington with caution declares such killing to confirm the identity of the victim.

The CIA learned of the whereabouts of the terrorist in November through the informant, and then tracked his movements via drone.

In January, a local news Agency in Yemen reported that Wadi the Abed, in Central Yemen, was killed two militants, but did not specify who they are.

Now it turned out that one of these people was al-Rimi is the killer, whose «history of terrorism can be traced to the tragic events of 11 September.»

The U.S. state Department had previously offered a reward of $ 5 million for information that would help to catch al-Rimi. This figure was doubled when it was revealed that he was linked to several plots against the West. In the end, for the head of this terrorist the U.S. has offered $ 11 million.

1) Interesting: #AlQaeda-linked Telegram channels are disseminating pictures of leaflets allegedly dropped by US planes in #Yemen’s #Marib governorate, offering 11 million dollar reward for information leading to location of #AQAP leader Qassim al-Rimi

— Rita Katz (@Rita_Katz) February 14, 2019

Qassim al-Rimi several years taught other extremists in Afghanistan, and then returned to his native Yemen. At home, he was jailed for five years for plotting the murder of the American Ambassador. A year later, al-Rimi was released from prison and quickly seized power over «al-Qaeda» in the country.

Caution in commenting on this murder officials associated with the fact that on 29 January 2017, the U.S. Central command has confirmed reports that the Arabian Peninsula was carried out «the operation to capture known high value targets (HVT)», including the commanders of senior «al-Qaeda».

In the RAID one of the Sixth members of the elite SEAL team (DEVGRU), the U.S. Navy was killed in battle, two more US servicemen were wounded. This American soldier was the first who was killed in battle during the administration of the tramp.

Breaking: SEAL Team 6 likely killed Yemen»s top terror leader, UBL»s counterpart, Qassim al-Rimi via @SOFREP…

— Brandon Webb (@BrandonTWebb) February 2, 2017

The leader of terrorists of «al-Qaeda» Qassim al-Rimi in 2017, was reported killed. Then after the official statements of al-Rimi , the President sent US to Donald Trump a voice mail in which he mockingly commented on the RAID on the compound «al-Qaeda» in Yemen, during which he was allegedly killed.