«Curious puppy» has sparked a fire in his family’s house (video)

Curiosity nearly burned the family home.

«Curious puppy» was accused that he started a fire in the house last month, said on Monday officials in new Mexico. An hour the house was on fire, yet there were, obviously, only dogs. Fortunately the animals did not suffer as a result of their actions.

Shooting with the cameras located in the house, shows the moment when a 9 month old puppy named Kaun held a «permutation» in the house, knocking the Ironing Board on the floor. This led to the fact that she blocked the ventilation grates in the house, as indicated in its press release, the fire Department County of Los Alamos in new Mexico.

«The heating in the house worked and produced enough heat to melt some of the household items that got on a heater and served as the necessary fuel to start a fire,» explained officials.

Video provided by fire station and posted on Facebook, shows the moment when the dog knocks the Ironing Board, followed by a fire. Firefighters said that the fire started it took about an hour.

As told by the members of the fire Department, the two dogs he and the other dog, which is seen in the video, has not received injuries or burns.

Firefighters said they were able to «quickly put out» fire and limit damage to the building.

«Fire Department Los Alamos recommends that homeowners make sure that they have installed alarms and they are in working condition, that no combustible materials are not on or within 3 feet from heaters or other devices that can radiate heat,» wrote in the post in the Facebook fire. «It’s also important to have a plan of escape in case of fire, as well illustrated in the video», they added.