A man strangled a 95-year-old lover and then confessed to the police that the murder was a «purpose of life»

A Florida man broke into a home and strangled a 95-year-old resident. Later, the man admitted to the police that the murder of this old man was his «purpose in life».

According to TCPalm.com, 47-year-old William Hawkins is in jail St. Lucie County on charges of first-degree murder. January 5, the suspect allegedly attacked Robert Morella in Tiffany Hall Nursing & Rehab Center in Port Saint Lucie.

«I’ve fulfilled my purpose in life, okay? said Hawkins detectives, confessing to premeditated murder. — Whatever happened to me after — this is normal.»

According to police, Hawkins, who was jailed the next day after the death of Morella on other charges, confessed to his sister of murder. He told her that he had planned the murder for many years and used an old friend of Morella, whom he also met about five months to get closer to his victim.

It is unclear why Hawkins is so longed for death Morella. He told his sister that Morrell wrote a book about it, but in the case nothing is said about this.

«Police learned that a nurse passed by the room of the patient, when she noticed an unknown suspect, who was sitting near the patient, holding a pillow over his face,» say the investigators.

Hawkins fled, but detectives later learned that the woman Morell has been together for 15 years, called the nursing home just hours before his death to warn employees that they wouldn’t let him into the room.

A man strangled a 95-year-old lover and then confessed to the police that the murder was a «purpose of life»William Hawkins. Source: ST. LUCIE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE

Initially, the suspect planned to kill Morella «cocktail» after the injection. He also described that he felt after the murder.

«For example, in life you wanted to climb Everest, right? And all your life you’ve trained, trained and trained for climbing Everest. said Hawkins, according to the records. — And finally, you climbed it, in my entire life, you finally climbed to the top, when you climbed to the top, how would you feel?»