The man tried to drive away from the neighbor’s pit bulls, but shot him with a crossbow

The man from Massachusetts who was attacked by 2 pit bull was killed with a crossbow, when the neighbor shot him to stop the aggressive attack, he told police.

The man, whose name was not called, was mortally wounded by an arrow on Wednesday when they tried to barricade themselves behind a door in their apartment in the Adams, as reported in the office of the district attorney County of Berkshire.

A neighbor heard the struggle and called the police. After that, he entered the man’s apartment and used the crossbow to shoot the 2 males pit bull, said the prosecutors. It is noted that both Pitbull was a well known fact that first showed aggressive behavior. However, it is not reported exactly who owned pit bulls.

«The arrow hit one of the pit bulls, went through the door, and then hit the person they attacked, while he was trying to dissociate itself from them,» — said in a statement the office of the Prosecutor.

The investigation is currently still ongoing, but it looks like that the man’s death was an accident.

The names of neither the victim nor the neighbors – who were described as «good Samaritan» — was not named on Thursday morning, when his statement was made by the representative of the district attorney’s office Andrew Mckeever.

«At the moment, too early to tell whether filed any charges,» he wrote in an email Mckeever. «The man who shot him with a crossbow, cooperating with the authorities».

It is noted that in an adjoining room was found unharmed child. Pit bulls were shot to death by officers who arrived on call, which found dogs in the process of «confrontation» at the time, said prosecutors.

Investigators were still working late Wednesday night to establish precisely who owned pit bulls, said Mckeever.