Man secretly lived for weeks under the ceiling of the supermarket. He was caught with a piece of cheese elite

Police arrested «spider-man», which for several weeks lived in the rafters of a supermarket in Auburn (Washington).

In working time in the shop of a man hiding in the space above the ceiling, and after the store closed he jumped down there to stock up on food and cigarettes.

For the first time the police called to the store at Christmas. Officers conducted an investigation and found tools, clothing, and debris around the vents on the roof. They also found a rope, which, most likely, the suspect went into the store.

However, later the staff of the supermarket began to think that the robber was not «a one-time visitor». They heard strange sounds coming from the ceiling, and one time an employee noticed a pair of legshanging from the ceiling in the utility room.

Police arrived held in the rafters a few hours, but couldn’t find the mysterious «visitor».

January 17, police released video from surveillance cameras where the man in black fills a bag with cigarettes worth thousands of dollars.

The footage allowed police to identify the suspect and obtain a search warrant. When arrested, the man found the elite cheese, stolen from the store.

The Haggen Grocery Store Burglar who was accessing the store via the rafters has been identified and arrested. A search…

Geplaatst door Auburn WA Police Department op Woensdag 5 februari 2020

The police Department of Auburn has not yet released the suspect’s name.

By the way, a similar case was in the area of Seattle in November 2019. City inspectors came to the school in Cascade Bagel and Deli in Lakewood to inspect the wiring of the building. In the end, found a family of three people and a dogwho secretly lived in the room above the restaurant.