A jealous boyfriend shot beat lover to death and then took her to the hospital for Uber

A resident of Pennsylvania, who was shot as he beat his sweetheart to death, brought the unconscious victim to the hospital for Uber, and then falsely stated that she was attacked by three women.

Nicholas foreman, who is now charged with murder, beat 22-year-old girl because of a message she received from an ex-boyfriend.

Police said that the jealous guy even filmed part of the assault on his mobile phone.

«This is what happens to a cheater and a liar,» said the man in the video showing a young woman lying on the lawn.

Perkiomen Township man charged w/ murder after beating death of his girlfriend. Alexander Forman on his way to MontCo prison says he didn’t do it and curses at us. At 6pm: details on a jealous rage and an Uber ride with a lifeless body @NBCPhiladelphia https://t.co/qJ7cCoDxmc pic.twitter.com/EmbkYXdK6c

— Drew Smith (@drewsmithtv) February 6, 2020

The victim, Sabrina Haruni, died on Monday, February 3, after she was taken to the hospital in Pottstown with severe head trauma, according to the arrest warrant obtained Thursday in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Uber driver who drove the couple from the party in the super Cup at the suspect’s house in Perkiomen, told police that foreman became aggressive after the girl refused to show him the message from his former.

According to the driver, after his landing he continued to watch them when they were still arguing in the driveway.