The mother defused an armed robber, caught police with 20 years of experience

In Brazil, a corporal of the military police saved the visitors from attacks by armed men during a school celebration of mother’s Day. Outdoor CCTV camera captures the heroic moment.

42-year-old Katia Da Silva Sastre was on duty when an armed robber approached a group of women standing near a private school in são Paulo during the celebration of mother’s Day. Sastre, who has had 20 years of experience as a police officer, reacted instantly: she pulled a service weapon and shot the assailant three times in the chest. The offender, who was later identified as 21-year-old Levelton Neves Moreira, died in hospital from his injuries.

According to Sastre, who is herself the mother of two children, she wanted to disarm the offender from close range, before he shoots at someone from visitors of the school holiday.

«I didn’t know if he was going to shoot children, mothers or the security guard at the school door.» said Sastre. «I was just thinking about the protection of mothers, children, my own life and my daughter’s life.»

Soon after the incident, the Governor of the state of são Paulo Marcio Frank honored the heroic action of the police, noting her «courage and precision» and «technically perfect» reaction.

Fui hoje cedo ao 4°BAEP , na zona Leste de São Paulo, para homenagear uma mãe muito especial: Cabo Katia Sastre. Sua coragem e precisão salvou mães e crianças, ontem na porta de uma escola. #PMSP #PoliciaMilitar #VcPodeConfiar #EstadodeSãoPaulo #GovernodeSP

— Márcio França (@marciofrancagov) May 13, 2018