In Michigan arrested the suspect, who took a fake police car

The man from the Detroit area who was sitting behind the wheel of an SUV that resembled a police car, charged after he was stopped by a Sheriff of Waterford township in Michigan, USA.

Adrian the Parallels-Asante was placed on Saturday in the jail Oakland County Jail on charges of serious crimes. He was charged with a concealed weapon and using a police signal lights, as reported in the Sheriff’s office.

Sheriff Mike Bouchard stopped the car on Thursday in Waterford township after he noticed the bumper in the style of a police car, a number of signal lights at the rear and a sticker on which was written «emergency response».

These are photos from the police looking car that was stopped in Waterford. It is not real. If this car attempted to pull you over or you have any pertinent information, please call 1-800-speakup.

— Mike Bouchard (@MikeJBouchard) February 8, 2020

«Here are pictures of the car similar to a police officer, who was arrested in Waterford. He’s not real. If on that machine you tried to stop or have any information regarding this machine, please call the police»,- stated in the appeal of the police to the citizens.

Interestingly, the car went with excess of speed. In addition, she was illegally tinted front Windows, added the Sheriff’s office.

Bouchard said that on the dashboard was a fake radar and computer, which are used in the police. He also found a loaded gun and a large knife.

The Sheriff’s office are trying to establish if someone is stopped by means of the vehicle, said Bouchard.

The Parallels-Asante lives in Waterford township, about 40 miles (64 km) Northwest of Detroit. Pledge to release the men from prison was set at $50 thousand To the man attached a GPS monitor prior to release from prison. He was also banned from driving a car equipped with flashing lights or carry a firearm or other weapon. While not reported, whether the Ansam-Asante lawyer.