The thieves left with nothing after the store employees locked them in the walk-in room with pallet

Resourceful employees of a wine shop in Australia was saved from burglary thanks to a quick response: they locked the thieves in the refrigeration room.

On Friday at the liquor store Thirsty Camel included three suspicious men, who immediately drew the attention of store employees. According to one James — one of the employees who was on duty that day, he immediately realized that this «bunch of crooks». When the men went into the refrigeration room, the sellers began to act: they locked the doors by using pallet with boxes of beer, closing thereby a path for the robbers to exit. According to James, the men quickly realized that there is no escape, and began to knock on the door until it broke the hinges. Frustrated, the robbers began to rage throw in all the staff that they came to hand, but left with nothing.

James says that it was already the third attempt of a robbery in five weeks. Until then, the store has been robbed twice, in consequence of which the thieves have caused a loss of $ 1,000. In the end, the sellers got tired and they decided to get creative and this time, stop the attempted robbery.

As a Manager Thirsty Camel Niall Burke, the frightened thieves immediately ran out of the store: «Usually when they leave, they stay scared.»

Despite the fact that 10 of the 20 cases of beer were smashed during the arrest of failed robbers, it is impossible not to appreciate the wit and fast reaction of the store employees. It is not a responsible attitude to work?