Tourists walking on Ben Nevis in sneakers, trapped because of a snowstorm. Rescuers say they are «idiots»

A group of hapless tourists decided to walk on the highest mountain in Britain, Ben Nevis, shod with normal shoes.

Rescuers who arrived on the scene February 10, spent four hours in an attempt to save a group of tourists from the snow trap — struggling with icy wind, Blizzard and cold. They found four men in the peak of a snowstorm, when the temperature dropped to -20°C. the Tourists were shod in sneakers alone, which caused genuine outrage lifeguards, which are called pseudo-travelers «idiots».

«They were complete nerds. They were all in sneakers and decided to walk on Ben Nevis. They’re just idiots. says John Stephenson, the head of the team of mountain rescuers of Lochaber. — <…> They were ill equipped for any weather, not to mention such conditions.»

According to Stevenson, the conditions were so severe that the helicopter could not take off and bring the group back to the city. At first rescuers have found a tourist, then all of the other victims, two of whom received severe hypothermia.

«All four of them would never survived that night. They are lucky to be alive and that we found them.» says Stevenson.

Service mountain rescue Lochaber left on a Facebook post in which confirmed that the rescue operation ended successfully, and all the victims on the helicopter were taken to the hospital Belford Hospital.

«Extremely lucky people. No winter kit — no ice axes, no crampons, and, as far as we know, no cards. Three guys were in sneakers!!!!» — added shocked rescuers.

In the comments post, people were shocked by the irresponsible attitude of travelers to their life and health. Many were outraged by the fact that the group of tourists has put the lives of rescuers. One of them wrote: «Unbelievable! How dare they endanger so many people, going to the mountains in such weather conditions.»