The man tried to demolish the fence with the help of robot vacuum. It took the intervention of the SWAT team

Strikes on the fence, swear words and attack with the help of robot vacuum – that’s what was the recent quarrel between neighbors in Oklahoma, USA. And it was all filmed on video.

Discussion between neighbors was so intense, that to resolve the issue I had to call a team of specialists from SWAT, who managed to disarm one of the neighbors, spraying tear gas. Negotiations with the man lasted deep into the night, before the SWAT team made the decision to act.

A dispute between neighbors of Oklahoma, the United States took an unexpected turn when I had to call the SWAT team after trying one of the neighbors to carry the total extraction of your robot vacuum cleaner as was told to the police.

Candace and David Bayard said that their neighbor started beating on their shared fence with my foot, then shoulder, and then the robot vacuum cleaner. The wife and children of David Bayard was hiding inside a house during a 12-hour argument with a man living next door. David Bayard has admitted that he feared for the lives of their relatives.

Bayard took up arms after his roommate allegedly began to break their fence the robot vacuum cleaner. «I was scared for my family,» said the man. After that, the neighbor barricaded himself in his house, calling the police.

«We heard these loud bangs, and at first thought it was shots from a firearm,» later told the news edition Inside Edition David Bayard. «It turned out that he took the robot vacuum cleaner and very much threw them at the fence.» David said that he and 2 of his friends grabbed the weapon and watched in the street as Candace is hid with their children in the bathroom. «I told him that if he gets over the fence, I shot him,» — said David.

The police finally sent the SWAT team with a robot that seeks explosives, as reported by Newsweek. Video obtained by Inside Edition, shows how a suspect hits it with a hammer. After a 6 hour standoff, the law enforcement was sprayed with tear gas, so he left the house.