In the footage, a man was robbed at gunpoint near his home in Oakland

The man said that he cleaned his car in the driveway in Oakland when two men put a gun to his head and robbed him.

The home security camera recorded the crime, and now police are investigating.

ARMED ROBBERY: A man says he was cleaning his car when two men robbed him at gunpoint in his own driveway in Oakland.

— KRON4 News (@kron4news) on February 12, 2020

«These two guys came up to me and started to Rob me,» said the victim.

The robbery happened Monday afternoon at about 13:30. in the Auckland District diamond.

The victim, who prefers to remain anonymous, said that he initially tried to resist.

«They kept trying to get me to lie down on the ground, and the guy with the gun continued to press it to my neck. He told me to go down, and I fell to the ground,» he said.

In less than 35 seconds, the suspects stole the victim’s necklace, bracelet, cell phone, car keys and home, and then left the scene.

The victim says that crime is steadily increasing in its once-quiet area, but it was the first time he robbed it.