Year-old child in critical condition after nearly drowning in a bucket of beans

Year-old child, reportedly is in critical condition after he fell into a bucket of presumably canned beans. He was found by family members unconscious, as told on Tuesday the representatives of the County Sheriff’s office, Stanislaus, California.

The incident occurred around 15:30. The police got a call from home at 8700, Smith Street in Grayson. Emergency services provided first aid to the child, trying to save his life, and then the helicopter took him to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. The representative of Sheriff’s office Sergeant Josh Clayton said that according to the latest information the child is recovering, but is still in critical condition.

Information regarding the sex of the baby until it was. In addition, it is unclear where there was a container of baked beans or how long the child was in her, before he found his family. It is also unknown whether the beans hot or cold, but a preliminary report showed that the child’s condition was the result of drowning and not burn, said Clayton.

Although preliminary information applies to canned beans, it is possible that the child fell into a bucket of dried beans that were soaked before cooking.

As the Sheriff’s office only assisted the doctors, the Sergeant said that a full report from them isn’t made. He also could add that the family is cooperating fully with officials in this matter.

According to the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, drowning is the main cause of accidental deaths among children from one year to four years. «Special at risk are small children,» — said on the website KidsHealth. «They can drown in less than 2 inches of water. This means that they can drown in the sink, fountain, bucket, inflatable pool or a small amount of standing water in the house, for example, in a container with rain water».