Schoolgirl died from electricity shock when her phone fell in the tub

The girl from France was killed by electric shock after her cell phone fell in the bath while charging.

The tragedy occurred on February 9 in Marseille, after which the affected electricity 15-year-old Tiffany was taken to the city hospital. Unfortunately, despite surgery, doctors were unable to resuscitate her. According to LAdbible, the mobile phone was plugged into the extension cord and fell on the chest of the victim, who at the time was taking a bath.

«We called her — there was no answer,» says Serge, the father of Tiffany. «We broke the door to the bathroom. Tiffen lay the phone was in the water, we found that its charger is plugged in in the bathroom. We were unable to revive her.»

Serge says that he always warned their children about the dangers of using phone in the bathroom. After the death of his daughter, he encourages the manufacturers of devices to take measures to prevent accidents that can happen in the future.

«Install the switch, fuse. Today we can do a lot: for example, add something that will disable a phone once it comes in contact with water.»

According to the father, cheap chargers are fraught with great danger. Serge claims that Tiffany was killed due to defective charging, which did not meet safety standards.

«Now there is a police investigation, but I want to say: be careful.»