With the death of 6-year-old Fay Marie Svetlik link neighbor, whose body was found near the girl’s body

Evidence found in a dumpster dead men can associate it with the death of 6-year-old Fay Marie Svetlik.

Body Coty Scott Taylor, a neighbor girl, missing on 10 February, it was discovered on 13 February at his home in Cayce (South Carolina), near the place where the same day was found the body of a first year pupil in a wooded area. About this Sergeant Cayce Public Safety Evan Antli told reporters during a press conference.

«Our evidence and our investigation linked these two factors, said Antli. — I can confirm that he was a neighbor. He was not a relative, he was not a friend, he was just a neighbor who lived on Churchill heights».

According to Antli, in death Fay found no suspects or persons of interest.

«It was a tragic situation for our community, for our Department and for all of you who followed the story of Fay Marie Svetlik,» continued the Sergeant, who added that they cannot yet directly link the death of Taylor with girl’s murder.

Both bodies were found after evidence was discovered in a dumpster Taylor.

According to police, the man, who has no criminal history, lived in the house approximately 150 feet away from the girl.