The bodies of three dead men found on a grave at a cemetery in California

The investigation of the triple murders began after men were found dead near the grave in a cemetery in California on Monday, February 17.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene around 10:20 after the bodies were discovered in a cemetery Perris valley, located in the 900 block on North Perris Boulevard, according to the Sheriff’s Department riverside County.

Witnesses reported seeing the bodies of the dead before law enforcement protected the scene.

«One of them was bent, the other lay, and another looked like he… was wrapped in a sleeping bag,» said Randy Rios KTLA.

Another witness, Maria Miranda reported that he saw two bodies on the grave.

«A very sad scene. Heartbreaking, as it is a cemetery, a place of mourning and memory, and the fact that you can see something like that, it’s unheard of,» said she.

According to the Department, the cemetery was temporarily closed because the investigative authorities are conducting an investigation.

The bodies of three dead men found on a grave at a cemetery in CaliforniaCemetery Perris Valley. Source: Google Maps

Although currently they believe that the killings were an isolated incident, detectives are finding out whether they are associated with a pair of deadly attacks in the area earlier this month.

The identity of the victims were not disclosed.

Perris mayor Michael Vargas said that he was heartbroken.

«We are confident that our Sheriff’s office to quickly and professionally handle this situation and you will find those who committed these crimes,» the mayor wrote in a statement.