Because of the conspiracy theories people are cutting and burning the tower 5G, the signals are «supposedly» cause the coronavirus

Conspiracy theories linking the 5G network with the pandemic coronavirus, led to the fact that in the UK there was a series of attacks on mobile towers. Conspiracy theories supported by some celebrities, in particular, the famous Hollywood actor woody Harrelson.

Representatives of the British authorities said that the fires in the towers in Birmingham, Liverpool and Belfast is a consequence of the actions of the conspiracy theorists who believe that the signals 5G can spread the coronavirus.

The Minister of justice of great Britain Michael Gove has called these stories «dangerous nonsense», noting that cell towers are critical to emergency services fighting the pandemic.

However, conspiracy theories quickly reach a wide audience, in part because of celebrities who share that with millions of people on social networks.

For example, the famous actor woody Harrelson has recently published a report «about the negative consequences 5G» and their alleged role in pandemic coronavirus to his over 2 million followers on Instagram.

«I haven’t checked this fully, but I find it very interesting,» he wrote, referring to a report claiming that «radiation 5G aggravates the infection and makes it more deadly».

Singer M. I. A. also repeatedly tweeted about his concerns over 5G and even posted a photo of one of the burning towers.

«People in England set it on fire. They should just turn them off before the end of the pandemic!», — written by M. I. A.

People in England are setting fire to it. They should just turn it off till after the pandemic!

— M. I. A (@MIAuniverse) April 3, 2020

Professor Stephen Powys, chief physician of great Britain, called conspiracy theories are «complete nonsense».

Dr. Michael head, from Southampton University added that such «ignorance» can be dangerous.

«Conspiracy theorists are a danger to public health — said the head. — Celebrities, kindle fire, should be ashamed».