In store clients detained the man, who coughed and spat on the products

For the last time in the United States became aware of the many cases when people were coughing or licking goods in the shops, declaring that they have coronavirus. In Massachusetts, buyers were able to deal with such a bully who deliberately coughed and spat on the products. The witnesses managed to capture the incident on video, writes the New York Post.

«Some guy from Stop and Shop in Kingston was coughing and spitting of food — but he had fun.» — posted by Kyle Mann, who posted a video on Facebook.

Some guy at Stop and Shop in Kingston was coughing and spitting on the produce, he didn’t last long. He fought an employee and good customers took him down until the cops arrived.

Kyle Mann Geplaatst door op Zaterdag 4 april 2020

According to the police of Kingston, the bully turned out to be 65 year-old male from Duxbury, he coughed and spat on the goods, and then fought with the staff and visitors who came to the rescue before the police arrived. After the incident, the man was taken to the hospital for examination, but the officers said there is no reason to believe that he is infected with COVID-19.

Bully faces charges of assault and kick, assault, maiming, and destruction of property.