In Chicago, the guy pushed a veteran of the naval forces of a subway train

18-year-old man from Illinois is accused of murder after he pushed a veteran of the naval forces under an approaching subway train.

Ryan Mann was one of the two assailants who pushed 29-year-old Mamadou baldé from the platform of a train during rush hour. Mamadou was a veteran of the naval forces and twice served in Afghanistan. His father, al baldé identified her son’s body last week, the day after the tragedy that occurred on 7 April. An expert from the medical examiner’s Office in cook County, concluded that Mamadou died of multiple injuries.

This 3/5 warrior served and fought in the meanest, toughest battlefields of Afghanistan just to be senselessly murdered in Chicago. Rest easy, Marine. We got this.

— Luis Agostini (@LuisRAgostini) April 9, 2020

Al says Mamadou returned from Afghanistan in 2015, with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but did not receive the necessary assistance.

In court it became known that shortly before the incident, Mamadou spoke with one of the suspects. He smiled and jokingly raised his fists, as if preparing for battle. After that, the assailant struck the veteran in the face, before Mann pushed him off the platform and he fell between the cars.

Man Charged With Murder Of Mamadou Balde; Police Say Ryan Munn Pushed Former Marine In Front Of a CTA Train

— Chicago News Now (@chicagonewsnow) April 12, 2020

According to police, Mann fled the scene before he was arrested. To date, the second offender remains at large.

Video camera Control of the Chicago city transport fully recorded the incident, but details are not yet announced. This was announced by police chief Charlie Beck, who described the incident as «brutal murder».

This station was the site of several crimes, including the shooting that occurred this year, causing the Office of the Chicago city transport was forced to increase the number of officers who patrol the station.