Sleeping 4-year-old girl police found in the SUV, riddled with bullets

In Birmingham (Alabama) after a shooting incident in the SUV found a sleeping baby.

A girl aged about 4 years was sleeping and, fortunately, was not injured. She was found in a car in Birmingham and taken to the child protective services. According to local newspaper baby was in the car a few hours before she was found.

Police responded to a report of a shooting early Thursday morning, April 23.

According to the police Sergeant Kind Mauldin when they arrived, they found the Ford Explorer 2002 with several bullet holes. The inside of the car found blood. The SUV was inspected and photographed, but law enforcement officers did not see and did not hear anyone inside.

Then the car was towed to Weil Wrecker for technical expertise. A few hours later the technician called the police and reported that the rear of the car is the baby.

Officers found the girl under a large pile of clothes. The baby slept peacefully.

Preliminary investigation showed that the shooting was attended by the child’s mother and her boyfriend. Police said that between them there was a skirmish, when the child was in the car.

The investigation is ongoing, and the Birmingham police asked the public: if someone knows something about the incident, report to law enforcement.