In Australia a truck driver knocked down four police officers in the performance of

Four Australian police officers were killed while trying to arrest the driver of the Porsche, which greatly exceeded the speed. Officers stood on the side of the highway when they were hit by a truck.

The chief Commissioner of Victoria police Graham Ashton reported that four police officers — three men and one woman, were standing in the emergency lane of the Eastern freeway in Melbourne. Officers stopped 41-year-old driver of the Porsche 911, which exceeded the speed limit by 40 kilometers per hour, eHow while 140 km/h when suddenly they were hit by a refrigerator truck.

The incident occurred on March 23 around 17:00, which killed two constables male, one female senior constable and a male senior constable. One of the officers — 28-year-old Josh Presti was a beginner who began his service in the police after graduating from police Academy in 2019.

According to Ashton, this tragedy was the most deadly incident among the police in Victoria in the entire history of the state. It is not known what caused the deadly crash.

According to reports, as a result of collision the driver of the truck was injured, after which he was hospitalized and still undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, the driver of the Porsche took photos at the scene before leaving the scene and posted them on his page in Facebook. Soon he was arrested, and his drug test yielded positive result.

As of Thursday, the charges against the driver of the Porsche, who already had a criminal record, are under consideration.