«COP of the year» from Kansas was killed in a shootout during the arrest of the suspect

Veteran of the force, from Kansas, which in 2019 have received the title of «officer of the year» in his Department, was killed in a shootout during the arrest of the suspect speeding away from the scene of the accident.

Sunday, may 3, 37-year-old officer of overland Park Mike Mosher died in hospital surrounded by his wife and daughter. Earlier in the day, Mosher was not in the performance, but when he saw the suspect, who had fled the scene. The officer started to chase him, which led to a shootout in which Mosher was seriously injured.

«He was doing his job to the very end, and I have to respect such officers as he is.» said Department spokesman John Lacey. «He was a real gentleman. He was a fine officer.»

Police in overland Park reports that the suspect, whose name has not yet been disclosed, died on the spot. It is not known what led to the shooting, and further details about the incident with the accident were not disclosed.

Mosher worked in the Department of overland Park for almost 15 years and was appointed officer of the year in 2019.

«I know what I’m talking about Mike, when you say that he was proud to be called a COP. That’s all he wanted to do. He liked what he was doing.» said police chief Frank Donchez.

A heart with a thin blue line and candles sit outside the Overland Park Police Dept. in honor of the officer killed in a shooting tonight. @fox4kc pic.twitter.com/eniKa5a32j

— Regan Porter Fox4 KC (@ReganPorterTV) May 4, 2020

The attorney General of Kansas Derek Schmidt said that the death of Mosher — «tragic reminder» about the gratitude that US residents are required to law enforcement officers for their protection.

Overland Park is located near the state borders of Missouri and is part of the Metropolitan area of Kansas city. Dances reports that an interagency team of Johnson County, which is mandated to investigate the shooting of police will handle the case.