Indiana worker killed mail, for delayed receipt with the manual

Postal worker from Indianapolis was killed during the execution of work duties when he delivered the check with the guide for care during a pandemic. Allegedly, the suspect was furious at the delay that provoked the attack.

Monday, 27 March, 45-year-old Angela summers was shot and killed while working when it was on its normal route about East Michigan street and North Sherman Drive. The assailant, 21-year-old Tony Cushingberry, was arrested for suspicion of murder. He shot summers in the chest, the wound was fatal.

The charges against Cushingberry are pending in the U.S. attorney’s office. The murder of a Federal officer in the performance of official duties is a Federal prosecution, which may involve life imprisonment.

At the moment the police can’t confidently comment on possible motives for the murder of summers, however, Paul Toms, President of the National Association of mail carriers, announced that summers and the residents of the house had previously had disagreements.

«Yes, this story lasted for a long time, I understand.» said Toms. «I want something like this never happens again. It should never happen again.»

Toms believes that the motive for Cushingberry was the delay of the delivery receipt with the manual. According to him, mail delivery to the house was suspended for two weeks because summers asked the owners not to let their dog in when she brings them mail.