In Russia over the past two weeks the third doctor fell from a hospital window

According to the New York Post, the third Russian doctor fell from the window of the hospital the last two weeks. Prior to this, the health worker complained that he had been pressured in connection with the treatment of patients with coronavirus.

37-year-old ambulance doctor Alexander Shulepov from the village of Novaya Usman (Voronezh region) has received critical head injuries after she starred in the video, which claimed that he was ordered to work, despite the positive test result COVID-19.

Shulepov and his colleagues also warned about the lack of personal protective equipment in Voronezh (a city in South-East Russia).

Night 2 may Shulepov was seriously injured when he fell from a second floor window during treatment in Novousmansky district hospital. He was diagnosed with a fracture of the skull base.

Lying on a hospital bed, he later appeared in another video in which he renounced his claims, prompting suspicions that he was forced to make a new statement.

In the video and appears Shulepova Alexander Kosyakin, an ambulance paramedic, whom the police were called on suspicion of spreading misinformation after complaints about the lack of PPE.

«The doctor of ambulance Alexander Shulepov next to me, he just confirmed COVID-19, says Kosyakin in the video. — The chief doctor makes us work. What we do in this situation? We don’t leave the change… I and Alexander have been working together for a month. This is the situation. Everyone says it’s fake (but) it’s the real facts».

Third Russian doctor plunges from hospital window amid coronavirus outbreak

— New York Post (@nypost) May 5, 2020

In the following videos Shulepov said that his condition has improved.

«I have a cold, everything else was good»he said, adding that the previous video was recorded «emotion».

The hospital’s chief doctor, Igor Potanin declined to comment.

2 similar incident in the last 2 weeks:

48-year-old Natalia Lebedeva, head of the ambulance Department in Star city with a confirmed COVID-19, died on the sixth floor of a Moscow hospital after, according to her colleagues, a woman unjustly accused of spreading the virus in a hospital in Star city at the training Centre in astronauts.

47-year-old acting the head physician of the Krasnoyarsk regional hospital for war veterans Elena not remembering received fatal injuries after falling from Windows in Krasnoyarsk the hospital after he complained of «an acute shortage» of PPE.