Scientist «on the verge of a breakthrough» in the study of coronavirus was killed at home

Saturday, may 2, at his home was killed by a researcher from the University of Pittsburgh involved in the study of coronavirus. According to colleagues, he was «on the verge» of a breakthrough.

According to WTAE, a 37-year-old Bing Liu shot his friend — a 46-year-old Hao GU, who committed suicide on the same day. His motive is still unknown, however, according to preliminary data, PG was not associated with the study.

«At the moment there is no evidence that [the death of] Mr. Liu had any relation to his work,» said detective ward Ross Brian Holdipp.

Liu, specializing in system biology and modeling of biological systems, he held the position of researcher at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine. Colleagues describe him as «outstanding» and «hard-working» professional, finished «important» work related COVID-19.

«Bing was in step in order to begin to understand the cellular mechanisms in virus-based SARS-CoV-2 and its possible complications», — said the representatives of the University in an official statement.

«We will do everything possible to follow them through, and to pay tribute to his outstanding intelligence. His death is a huge blow to the scientific community».