Buried: cemetery employee spent half an hour trapped when it collapsed grave

The story is like from a horror movie occurred on Tuesday, may 5, in new Jersey.

There is a cemetery employee was in a terrible trap under the ground almost half an hour after grave collapsed on him when he measured it.

59-year-old gravedigger was working at hillside cemetery in Lyndhurst (new Jersey), when collapsed the side of the grave depth of 8 feet.

«They never used any support, when they dug the grave, — said NorthJersey.com the police Sergeant Vincent of Auteri. — However, he decided to climb inside.»

Fortunately, the cries of the poor (his name was not made public) heard colleagues who called the rescue team. The rescue and freed the man from the nightmare (by the way, there is even such a thing as «taphophobia» — the fear of funerals and irrational fear of being buried alive).

The man was taken to the hospital. His life is out of danger, but he complained of pain in the back and chest. It is known that the worker was preparing the grave for burial, to be held on Wednesday.

Hillside cemetery is the final resting place of Joey Ramone, the lead singer of The Ramones punk rock band that has become an icon of the counterculture in the 1970s. the Iconic musician was buried in the cemetery in 2001.