Visitors have opened fire on employees of McDonald’s, when they were told that the restaurant is closed on quarantine

Wednesday, 6 may, three employees of a McDonald’s in Oklahoma city (Oklahoma) were injured in a shootout and a brawl, which began due to the fact that the dining area of the restaurant was closed for quarantine because of pandemic coronavirus.

According to Lieutenant Michelle Henderson police Department Oklahoma city, two out of three employees of a fast food restaurant was shot and wounded and a third injured during the fight.

The victims – two girls and a guy (girls are 17 years old) — was admitted to hospital. Fortunately, their lives are out of danger.

Two customers, a man and a woman have been arrested and are in custody.

«They were asked to leave because the dining area of the restaurant closed, they refused and drew a weapon,» said officer Henderson.

On Monday in Michigan fatally shot a store security guard, who insisted that the client wear a mask.

Oklahoma since the beginning of the pandemic has not issued the order, «stay at home», but the authorities urged residents to comply with social distancing.