A female doctor from Georgia was killed by a pack of wild dogs

Early Thursday morning, April 7, in Lyons, Georgia, in the ditch at the roadside was found the body of a woman. The deceased was identified as 62-year-old Nancy Shaw, a doctor at the local hospital. Later, an autopsy confirmed that Shaw died from animal attacks, reports WTOC. The police suspect that the death of the doctor is to blame stray dogs.

Around 3:00 during a patrol in the Northern part of the city police noticed an empty car on the Boulevard skyline. The car was parked on the opposite side of the road, the engine was turned on and the door is open.

«Coming from the patrol car, we conducted an investigation and found the woman, who died in the gutter», — said the chief of police of Lyon, Wesley Walker.

Georgia doctor was killed by a pack of wild dogs: cops https://t.co/7j1CP8745a pic.twitter.com/DoPaBLeNtm

— New York Post (@nypost) May 11, 2020


Dr. Shaw lived on skyline Boulevard about a half mile from where her body was found.

The show worked as a therapist at the Regional medical center meadows, and often called to the police station to make sure the officers are all well, says the chief of police.

«She was our friend, — said chief Walker. — When I realized who it was, it was awful.»

Wesley Walker said the investigation is ongoing, but preliminary investigation showed that the Show may have been attacked by dogs that had previously been seen in the area. He also said that police work with other city departments to find a pack of stray dogs and to take appropriate action.

Friends of the doctor, the Show began posting messages about her death on 8 may. One of her colleagues, Brenda Moody, said that the Show «was one of the kindest people I have ever met». As an employee pointed out that the dead woman was often working late, and the doctors of the night shift were very fond of her. This points to the fact that the Show was in the habit to go home late, sometimes even early in the morning.

Another friend said that the Show is very «loved their cats». Friends suggest that Dr. Shaw might have stopped the car to help a street cat. She was one of those people who «would not hesitate to stay and help», said Moody’s in a comment.