A man in Florida running around with a TV in his hands to prove that the «suspicious» form does not justify murder Ahmoud private bathrooms

On Friday, the 34-year-old Richard Demic, a former pastor in Vero beach, Florida, ran of 2.23 miles, carrying a flat-screen TV. This run he showed that «suspicious» a running man can not be a reason for his murder. It is reported by the INSIDER.

Demsic party movement #IRunWithMaud, virtual protest, organized in honor of the 26-year-old Ahmaad private bathrooms.

#AhmaudArbery would be turning 26 today.

He was killed in February while jogging. Two white men have been charged with his murder.

Activists organized an #IRunWithMaud protest to honor him — pledging to run 2.23 miles, marking the date of his death. pic.twitter.com/H64YrUnJeE

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Ahmoud private bathrooms — 25-year-old black male, who was shot dead while Jogging in February. He was pursued by two men, father and son, Gregory and Travis Macmail, who said he was wanted in the area of criminal.

Today the US Justice Department announced that they’ll be considering to pursue federal hate crime charges against the father and son who killed Ahmaud Arbery. pic.twitter.com/FWdYkI24g1

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In the video, which was shown after the death of the private bathrooms, you can see how Mammals pursues private bathrooms running on your truck. Travis Macmail jumped out of the car with a gun, and after a brief struggle unitl private bathrooms. According to the New York Post, the autopsy report States that Ahmoud private bathrooms killed by two shots from a gun in the chest.

Later, Mammals told the police that, in their opinion, private bathrooms resembled the man suspected in a string of break-ins of homes. They were charged with murder last week.

«I just cried when I saw how this poor young man is running, as I ran thousands of times in my life, and kill him, ‘said Demic in interview INSIDER. — Maybe I should run with the TV to show that it is suspicious enough that someone was shot. Being a white man, to me that’s just not gonna happen.»

A white man ran through a Florida neighborhood carrying a TV to prove ‘suspicious looking’ wasn’t an excuse for killing Ahmaud Arbery https://t.co/Lrz5fKcqG1

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Demic recorded part of my run on video and posted it to TikTok. The video has been viewed over 1.2 million times.


#irunwithmaud part two! Really thought I figured it out guys but made it home safe after my 2.23 mile run 🤷 🏻 ♂ app #runwithmaud #runwithahmaud #fyp

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«My hat’s on backwards, I have no shirt like I’m in some scene from the movie «Cops». I’m running with a TV. Someone should probably stop me, says Demic in the video. — but if not — what was wrong with Ahmadou?»

In the area where Demsic going to run TV, according to him, recently there was a series of burglaries. Despite this, his people welcome him waving and smiling until he was Jogging.

Demic grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, where he started street dancing. According to him, most of the friends with whom he danced, were black, and many of them were from poor areas. Despite the fact that Demik was the «black sheep» in this community, he was met with open arms. Gradually he began to learn about the difficulties faced by his friends.

After Demic became a pastor in a conservative Church in Florida, he organized an outreach Ministry consisting of people who have struggled with homelessness and other problems. In the service, he raised the issues of racism and inequality.

Demik said that after he had the idea of running with the TV, he almost retreated from his venture. He was afraid that people misread it as it relates the tragic situation. But Friday morning, he said, he felt obliged to do it.

The video has sparked debate, and this weekend he was invited as a guest to a videoconference, which discussed the situation of African Americans in the United States.

Demik said he is interested in continuing to use his platform in social media to demonstrate various relationships to people depending on their appearance.

One of his ideas was to record myself hacking a door lock to someone’s house (with prior permission of the owners) to see how it will react to the neighbors.

«No one would have called the police, he suggested. — We all know that if I looked different, it would be a very different story.»