Woman illegally entered Yellowstone during the quarantine and fell into a hot spring, making photo

Woman, illegally penetrated into the territory of Yellowstone national Park, suffered burns after falling into one of the thermal springs on Tuesday, may 12. This was reported by representatives of the reserve in an official statement.

In connection with the pandemic coronavirus entrance to Yellowstone is closed to all visitors since March 24. The Park was supposed to reopen Wednesday, may 13 — however, the victim, whose name was not disclosed, apparently decided not to wait for the official opening.

According to employees, the woman stumbled, taking pictures, and fell either in the source or in a geyser, from which came out hot gases. Then she, despite the burns, managed to get back in the car and drive for about 50 miles, while the victim did not notice the Park Rangers that caused an ambulance.

The woman was urgently taken to the burn center in Idaho. Her condition is unknown. The investigation continues.

This is not the first time tourists disregard the safety rules when visiting the reserve. In September of 2019 two visitors sentenced to 10 days in jail when they got too close to one of the geyser for a spectacular images.

«Water in hot springs may be the cause of severe and even fatal burns <…>. — remind the representatives of the Park today because they were killed and injured no fewer than as a result of natural disasters.»