A railroad employee died from the coronavirus after her spat passengers

An employee of Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR), who worked at the railway station Victoria in London, died from the coronavirus after her spat one of the passengers. The Union, which was the woman blames the incident on the authorities, «do not perceive seriously a» threat to her health.

According to representatives of the Transport Salaried Staffs Association (TSSA), the incident occurred March 22, when 47-year-old belly of Mujinga was with a colleague on the platform. They were approached by an unknown, who said that is sick with coronavirus, and then began to cough and sneeze on women.

After that belly with a colleague was asked to allow them to late day work in the room, where was installed a barrier between passengers and staff — but the authorities refused.

«The guide told them that someone needs to work on the street and sent him back to the platform, where they remained until the end of the shift,» — said the members of TSSA in his statement, adding that none of the women had no means of protection.

Rest in Peace Belly Mujinga.

Belly was a ticket operator for a train station in London. A person who knew themselves to be infected with Coronavirus spat in Belly»s face. Belly contracted Coronavirus as died. Belly leaves behind her 11 year old daughter. https://t.co/jwzxxfCsVE pic.twitter.com/dg95wqsjrJ

— Tory Fibs (@ToryFibs) May 12, 2020

Over the next few days both of the victims developed symptoms of coronavirus.

At the time of the incident Mujinga already suffered from breathing problems, for which she needed surgery and regular visits to the hospital — however, according to the Union, the authorities did not take this into account and agreed to give the woman a day off only after a call to her doctor on March 25.

April 2, 11 days after the incident, Mujinga hospitalized. Her condition was so severe that the woman had to be connected to a ventilator — however, to save Belli failed. On 5 April she died.

Mujangi left a husband and 11-year-old daughter. The last time they saw a woman in a day when it took the ambulance.

RIP Belly Mujinga. Belly was a member of our branch when she worked on London Underground, and was involved in a campaign to bring agency workers in-house. Solidarity and condolences to her friends and family. Frontline workers need protection! https://t.co/kzSFcOmsTi pic.twitter.com/oNloESeQl8

— RMT Bakerloo branch (@bakerloormt) May 12, 2020

«[Belli] belonged to the risk group and her employers knew about it. — emphasizes the General Secretary of the TSSA, Manuel Cortes — So why is GTR not suspended its work at the forefront in the beginning of the pandemic? Her death was not inevitable — and raises many questions».

British transport police and Department of road and railway transport confirmed that they are investigating the incident. Representatives of the GTR, in turn, assured that «very seriously» refer to the accusations and will investigate the circumstances of the incident.

«The safety of our employees and passengers < … > is our priority in every situation. they said in an official statement, We comply with all the recommendations about security measures during a pandemic]».