A fire in a Russian hospital, killing five patients connected to a ventilator

A fire at a hospital in St. Petersburg, where they treat patients with the coronavirus that has claimed the lives of five people who were connected to the ventilator. During the fire were evacuated 150 people.

According to medical workers, the fire broke out on the sixth floor of the hospital of St. George, killing five patients who were connected to a ventilator. According to preliminary data, the fire could arise because of short circuit in one of the ventilators, or malfunction — CNN writes.

Representatives of the Investigative Committee, the main law enforcement body of Russia declared that on this fact criminal case is brought.

This is not the first case in a Russian hospital when a fire takes the lives of patients. Saturday, may 9, a fire broke out in one of Moscow hospitals, in which one person died and other patients were evacuated.

On Monday, Russia announced 11 656 cases of coronavirus during the day, increasing the total number of cases in the country to 221 344. According to the Johns Hopkins University, to date Russia takes the second place in the number of cases COVID-19, thereby overtaking Spain, the UK and Italy. Now the capital of Russia — Moscow is the epicenter of the coronavirus in the country — the total number of patients with coronavirus in the city reached 115 909 cases.