A woman from Texas, shot ex-boyfriend after he broke into her house

Wednesday, may 6, a woman from San Antonio, TX, shot and killed her ex-boyfriend with a shotgun after he broke into her house through the window.

The victim — 24-year-old Javier Manuel Plata, was taken to hospital with a serious wound and died shortly thereafter. 33-year-old woman acted according to the law, but the investigation is still ongoing, reports Fox News.

Man, 24, fatally shot by ex after breaking into her home, San Antonio police say https://t.co/tnUOBcRhET

— KSAT 12 (@ksatnews) May 7, 2020

According to the neighbor, usually the street is fairly quiet.

«Most of the time people here play in the streets, people riding bikes, running around, and things really surprise me.» said Eric Valhalla.

The woman, whose name is not called, was in the bathroom at about 21:00, when I heard someone coming up the stairs in her house. She took the gun and hid in the bathroom — by shooting, a woman was wounded Charge in the stomach.

According to police, the woman had recently broken up with Charges, but earlier in the day he was waiting when she gets home. Officers noted that she asked a former boyfriend to leave, then he agreed and left the house, but soon returned late in the evening when the woman went to take a shower. He entered the house through the window, then climbed the stairs that provoked the shooting, which resulted in the Charges was wounded and died.