The customer threw the hot coffee shop girl and snatched her request to wear a protective mask

Police in Indiana searching for the unknown assailant to the employee 7-Eleven. According to authorities, it happened after the man was asked to wear a mask.

According to the official, the suspect walked into the store in Mishawaka for about 9:00 to get coffee. Since the unknown was not a means of protection, the clerk asked him to wear a mask or leave — then the man splashed her face with hot coffee and ran out. He then returned and punched the victim, knocked to the ground. Her condition is not known.

Authorities describe the suspect as «dark-skinned» male with dreadlocks, about 5,10 ft and dressed in holey jeans. He from 20 to 25 years.

Police Mishawaka asks anyone who has information about the incident to contact the Department at (574) 258-1684.