In a plane crash in Florida killed a pilot and injured another pupil 2 people

In a plane crash in Miramar, Florida, USA a pilot died-a student and injured 2 people. Reportedly, 2 people were in the plane when the accident occurred, and 1 was on earth when from the sky fell the aircraft. Before impact as the pilot tried to contact the aircraft dispatcher and report that he plans to return to the airport, but something went wrong and he failed to deliver himself and his instructor back.

As reported by CNN news, the pilot-a student was killed and 2 people injured in crash of plane that crashed at the intersection of roads in Miramar, Florida.

«Suddenly, something caught my attention. I looked up and saw the plane, which definitely was too low,» said witness Alan Birmaher branch news outlets CNN, WPLG. The accident occurred on Tuesday morning when the Piper PA-34 (light aircraft, General purpose) cut off electric wires and fell, authorities said.

«The pilot said aircraft dispatchers that he tried to return to the airport when the aircraft started to move down,» said Kathleen Bergen, a spokeswoman for the Federal aviation administration (FAA).

1 person dead after small plane (Piper PA-34) clips power lines, crashes in Florida

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The plane was carrying another 2 people, a student and an instructor, according to flight school Wayman Aviation, which was the plane. Police identified the student as Mark Daniel Scott (25 years). He was presumed dead on the spot of the crash, said the policewoman Miramar Tanya Rues. The instructor, whose name still has not been released, was taken to hospital Memorial Regional Hospital with serious injuries.

«The third man, who was on the ground was injured by falling aircraft components,» said Rues. He received medical treatment at the scene and released.