In metro new York city police arrested a woman in front of her child after she refused to wear a mask

Overnight video of the controversial arrest went viral online. On it the police throw the mother on the ground in front of her child at a subway station in Brooklyn after a woman refused to wear a mask.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, may 13, at about 23:50 on the subway station Atlantic Ave.-The Barclay Center. In a video posted to Facebook, you can see that the woman shouts and swears at the cops, and her surgical mask stretched only on the chin.

After the woman climbed the stairs, seen as the officer touches her shoulder.

«Don’t touch me!» — she shouts, waving his arms, and after a few seconds, the police surround her and lowered to the ground.

«Yes, Yes, it’s not necessary», — heard, as the man says, though it’s unclear whether it addressed a remark to the woman or to the police.

After a few moments, the man says, «baby! With her baby!.. Her mask! It even has a mask! It’s too much, dude!»

Police said that the behavior of the women, 22-year-old Kalima Rosiers, caused such a reaction.

«Officers approached the woman and politely told her that she can’t enter the transit system, if you do not wear the correct mask, said police Sergeant in new York, the press Secretary of the Department of Mary Francis O’donnell. — She answered the officers a vulgar speech, and repeatedly denied the requests correctly put on a mask, covering his nose and mouth.»

According to O’donnell, rosier swung his hands and struck the officer with a hand that led to her arrest. She was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and harassment.

Mayor bill de Blasio condemned the behaviour of officers.

Previously, the NYPD criticized after data showed that blacks and Hispanics arrested more often than any other ethnic group, because of violations of distancing.