«I never loved him» football Player confessed to killing 5-year-old son, infected with coronavirus

Football player from Turkey, admitted that he strangled his 5-year-old son to death in the hospital, because «not loved it». It is reported by Sun with reference to Turkish media.

32-year-old Central defender Javer Toktas went to the police 11 days after the death of his son Qasim, which doctors have called a «natural.»

Toktas brought the child to the hospital on April 23. Does Kasim had a high fever and difficulty breathing. The boy and his father together was put in quarantine because the doctors feared coronavirus infection.

Later that same day, Toktas called for help, and the boy was rushed to the ICU but he died less than two hours later at children’s hospital Dontclick in Bursa in Northwest Turkey.

Turkish soccer player admits to killing coronavirus-stricken son https://t.co/zl8708I4cc pic.twitter.com/qBgU63vQRB

— New York Post (@nypost) May 15, 2020

Because breathing problems are typical for patients with coronavirus, authorities do not suspect anything suspicious and found the boy’s death natural.

Kasim was buried the next day. His mother and other family members believed that he died from flash Covid-19, which has already infected 140,000 people in Turkey. Dad shared on social networks a photograph of the grave of his son.

But ten days after the funeral, Toktas went to the police station and confessed to murder.

Footballer ‘smothered son, 5, to death in hospital because he didn’t love him’ https://t.co/drhABsLAcn

— The Irish Sun (@IrishSunOnline) May 12, 2020

He told officers that he strangled the boy with a pillow when they were alone in the hospital.

«I put the pillow son, who was lying on his back, said Toktas in a terrible interview for the local media. — Within 15 minutes I pushed the pillow without lifting it. My son fought all the time. After he stopped moving, I lifted up the pillow. Then I yelled to the doctors helped remove me from any suspicion».

He also told investigators that killed Qasim, because «never loved him», adding he did not love his younger son «since his birth».

Toktas stated that «dislike of this boy is the only reason»on which he killed him, and added: «I Have no mental problems.»

The Turkish authorities have been ordered to exhume the child’s body for an autopsy. It is reported that Toktas will be tried for murder, and he faces a life sentence in prison.