A woman from Illinois death killed a French bulldog, which she took from a shelter

A woman from Illinois was attacked by a French bulldog, which she took from a shelter for Pets. From the received wounds the dog’s owner died on the spot. Police called the attack «terrible.»

As reported by WGN, on Saturday evening, 52-year-old Lisa d’urso was found at his home in Ingleside friend.

«[The injury] was not on the neck. Most bites were on the legs and arms. Some on her torso. Just a lot of bites. A lot of scratches, — said the local coroner of lake County-Howard Cooper. — I hate to say it, but, unfortunately, it was a brutal attack».

Cooper said Urso recently picked up this French bulldog from a shelter. The first masters trained animal like an attack dog. after the incident, the dog was found with blood on her coat.

Illinois woman mauled to death by her rescue French bulldog https://t.co/s6R3hY0nIR pic.twitter.com/eoEMZ1hp96

— New York Post (@nypost) May 13, 2020

«Few people think that this can happen to such a small dog. We forget that animals can be strong. The animal has very strong jaw» — said Cooper, adding that while French bulldogs are a small breed, they can leave a powerful stings.

According to Cooper, the dog-killer had also recently attacked the guy Urso, forcing her to temporarily take the animal back to the shelter. But in the end, she again took the dog home.

«Urso was home alone when police were called to the «scene of a terrible crime,» — said the police chief of Fox lake Jimmy Lee in an interview with Lake Mchenry Scanner. — The dog attacked Urso in her house, then she viiala outside to the patio where she died.»

French bulldog and two other dogs Urso, a border collie and a French bulldog, on Monday evening, was seized by the officers on control of Pets.