Giant invasive lizards are spreading rapidly in Florida and Georgia

In addition to the deadly pandemic, the Asian hornet killers and Gypsy moths in 2020 the US could face a new problem. This giant invasive lizards, which cause irreparable damage to the local wildlife. Reported by the New York Post.

According to the Department of natural resources of Georgia (DNR), the Argentine lizard already seen in several southern States. This large reptile feeds on eggs of ground-nesting birds, American alligators and disappearing turtles gophers.

Most likely, the lizards had spread after their owners got rid of their exotic pet, just releasing them away from home. The presence in the wild of these reptiles zafirova in some parts of Florida and Georgia, the DNR warns.

Giant, invasive lizards spreading through parts of Florida and Georgia

— New York Post (@nypost) May 13, 2020

The Department is currently looking for a feral lizards that can grow up to five feet in length, before they destroy the wildlife of Georgia.

Biologist at wildlife DNR John Jensen said that there are fears that the reptiles «will replace» turtle-gopher candidate for inclusion in the list of endangered species if they continue to spread across the state.

«They can have a negative impact on our native species. They eat almost anything they want, — vegetable and animal substances. And one of their favorite foods are eggs», — said Jensen in a PSA video released recently by the Department, titled «have You seen Tegus in the wild in Georgia?»

«We are asking anyone who saw the animal, inform us. This will allow you to determine where to focus our efforts on catching to eradicate this kind», — said Jensen.

Jensen said that the lizards are «normal» Pets and warned the owners to not let them in Georgia.

«If you’ve come to the conclusion that I no longer want this pet, there are groups on the adoption of reptiles that can take her and try to find her a new home, he said. — To release it into the wild — the worst thing to do.»