In Los Angeles is a large explosion in the production of hash oil injured 11 firefighters

The explosion in the production of hashish oil in Los Angeles (California) 11 firefighters were injured, three of them seriously.

According to representatives of the fire Department of Los Angeles (LAFD), on Saturday evening the unit went on fire at the address: 327 East Boyd Street. When rescuers tried to find the source of the fire, a major explosion occurred.

Several firefighters were inside the building and on the roof when the explosion occurred. Rescuers described the sound as resembling «a freight train or a jet engine.»

Los Angeles,CA*Firefighters Injured* 11 Firefighters with burn
injuries, 3 critical after overnight
structure fire with mayday and
Explosion in a hash oil manufacturer building, 200 +
Firefighters responded.

— NCFireFighters (@ncfirefighters) May 17, 2020

11 firefighters injured. More than 240 of their colleagues extinguished the fire that had spread to several nearby buildings. Now the fire is out.

As reported by the LAFD, the building housed the firm Smoke Tokes, wholesale supplier of hash oil (hash oil), concentrated forms of marijuana.

Butane, a highly flammable solvent used for the production of hashish oil. The Department for combating drugs, said that this process is dangerous because of the «extremely volatile» nature of Bhutan, which led to the explosion.

According to LAFD chief Ralph Terrazas at the scene were discovered cans of butane, but the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti said three firefighters were seriously injured. Two of them are on artificial ventilation of lungs, four of the victims in the intensive care unit for burns.

«However, things could be much worse. The city coped with the fire, thanks to our rescuers,» added Garcetti.