Jealous girl set fire to her boyfriend’s mother’s house, killing 3 people

Jealous girl set fire to her boyfriend's mother's house, killing 3 people

The jealous girl set fire to the house of her boyfriend's mother, and then sent him an SMS in which she bragged about what she had done. The incident killed three people: 53-year-old Melissa Westen, as well as her grandchildren Aston Griffin, 8, and Jesse Kline, 4.

According to police, 21-year-old Abbiana Williams set a fire in Lasing, Michigan on September 3. The friend who drove the girl to the scene of the crime believed that Abbiana planned to throw a stone at the window of the house — in revenge for allegedly cheating on her boyfriend — however, Williams' plans were very different.

“I'm near your mom's house. — She wrote in a message to her boyfriend after the arson — I hope she likes to burn alive.

Aston and Jesse's obituary says they were “active and curious kids who loved superheroes,” playing with their little brother and watching YouTube videos. Their grandmother was loved for her «beautiful smile» and «positive attitude.»

Abbiana was taken into custody. At the moment, she still denies guilt.