North Carolina arrested with a van full of explosives planning to kill Joe Biden

North Carolina arrested with a van full of explosives planning to kill Joe Biden

Authorities said 19-year-old Alexander Treisman showed interest in mass shootings, racist ideology and was planning to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

On Treisman's social media pages, federal authorities found images of firearms he owned, plans to carry out a mass shooting on Christmas or Black Friday, links to child pornography and rape, and a history of internet searches for information about Biden's house. Daily Beast.

In addition, authorities learned that he bought an AR-15 in New Hampshire and headed to a location 4 miles from Biden's home. Treisman also drew up a checklist that included the «execute» item.

“Should I kill Joe Biden?” Treisman presumably wrote on IFunny on April 15, 2020, according to the warrant application. The documents also detail how the 19-year-old traveled to Wilmington, Delaware, Biden's hometown at least once, and discussed the need to «save» Bernie Sanders.

IFunny, a social media platform where users can post and comment on memes, has become infamous for its popularity among white nationalists in its time.

The teenager traveled around the country, collecting firearms along the way and allegedly expressing on social networks a desire to «execute» people he hates. However, Treisman denied any real attempt to harm anyone and told authorities that «all online threats were part of the image.»

After receiving a search warrant for Treisman's phone, investigators found a video of a teenager pondering how cool it was to hijack a plane and fly into a building.

The evidence gathered suggests that Treisman was planning to leave the country at some point: a fake Polish passport was found on his hard drive, as well as an email to a Canadian law firm requesting Canadian citizenship.

According to a court order obtained by WBTV, bank employees reported to the police about a white van parked in the parking lot of a local bank. The officers towed the van and, during a search of the car, found firearms, explosives, swastika drawings, and more than $ 500,000, believed to be Treisman's property.

Treisman was taken into custody on charges of carrying concealed weapons. The authorities also found several government identification cards in the car, one of which bore his pseudonym Alexander S. Theiss.

The detention order stated that Treisman had no criminal record and that he was “diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome at the age of 12”. However, despite the diagnosis, the court transcripts say that Treisman «denied having any mental illness» while talking to law enforcement.

On October 6, Treisman was denied bail pending trial. He is being held in Durham County, North Carolina.