Texas teen shoots himself, killing entire family on mom’s birthday

Texas teen shoots himself, killing entire family on mom's birthday

15 year old resident of Texas, USA, shot his parents, younger sister and dogs, and then committed suicide. Before pulling the trigger for the last time, he posted photos of the murdered relatives on the network. Read today in USA.ONE :

A teenager killed his entire family on his mother's birthday

Law enforcement officers are investigating the causes of the massacre.

Texas teen shoots himself, killing entire family on mom's birthday

On September 15, there was a holiday in the Kolburn family: Jana celebrated her 53rd birthday with her husband William, daughter Emma and son William Queens III. The police are now trying to figure out at what point everything went wrong. The 15-year-old reportedly killed his family by shooting his 63-year-old father, mother and 13-year-old sister. He then killed the dogs that lived in the family and posted bloody photos of his victims on social media. William also threatened to show up with guns to school on Thursday morning, September 16, and commit mass murder there.

The police quickly figured out the offender's place of residence and immediately went to the address. However, they failed to detain the suspect alive. Storming the house, they heard a shot and the sound of a body falling to the floor. William Queens Colburn shot himself after everything he did. At the moment, law enforcement officers are trying to understand why the teenager brutally killed his entire family on his mother's birthday.

Jana's eldest daughter Maria Martin Batts opened a fundraiser in connection with the tragedy.

& # 34; This morning we woke up feeling happy and wanted to congratulate Mom on her 53rd birthday. Instead, we heard terrifying news that devastated us. It hurts so much! We do not understand how this could have happened. We are angry and lost. In spite of everything, we mourn all four, & # 34; — said the woman.

At the school where William Queens studied, they said that they did not notice the teenager's strange behavior, and expressed condolences in connection with the bereavement. According to San Patricio County Sheriff Oscar Rivera, the investigation is ongoing and there are still many questions for the police to find answers to.

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